What is Anxiety?

Your body’s normal reaction to stress is anxiety.Anxiety is a common feeling. It’s your brain’s way of responding to tension and warning you about impending threats.

Causes of Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. When confronted with a problem at work, before taking a test, or before making a major decision, for example, you might be concerned. It’s a sense of panic or foreboding for what’s to come. Most people are afraid and anxious on the first day of school, preparing for a job interview, or delivering a speech. Moving to a new place, beginning a new career, or taking a test can all cause anxiety. While this form of anxiety is stressful, it can inspire you to work harder and achieve better results. Normal anxiety is a fleeting emotion that does not interact with your daily activities.

Understanding the difference between normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder that necessitates medical intervention will aid in the diagnosis and treatment of the anxiety disorder. If anxiety isn’t handled, it can just get worse.

How to deal with Anxiety?

If anxiety is a daily part of your life, it’s important to find recovery options that can help you manage it. It could be a mixture of approaches, such as talk therapy and meditation, or it could simply be a matter of eliminating or overcoming the anxiety cause.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, it can be a good idea to talk to a psychiatric provider regarding your solutions. They could suggest something you haven’t considered before.

Our Specialty in Anxiety Disorders

Our Diagnostic Consultation Program

We are providing anxiety disorder treatment in Florida, we evaluate the symptoms, precipitating incidents, personality characteristics, and family history of anxiety disorders during the diagnostic consultation. If therapy is recommended, we’ll go through the various clinical interventions that have the best chance of working. We will prescribe relevant self-help methods if therapeutic therapy is not recommended. If necessary, we will refer you for medical examinations and/or drug evaluations.

Anti-anxiety Medicine

In addition to CBT and other forms of therapy, medication is another option for treating anxiety. The appropriate drug, once recommended by a highly qualified psychiatrist, aids in enhancing the therapeutic aspects of treatment. There are various forms of anxiety medicine, including:
These medications, which also have antidepressant properties, are the most frequently used for treating anxiety. These don’t lead to addiction, and you will start feeling the results within just a few weeks. It’s crucial to complete the entire term of SSRI therapy, which is often nine months or longer.
Beta-blockers can tend to lessen the physical signs of anxiety, such as Propranolol. Consequently, these can be helpful in particular circumstances, such as helping you act or talk in public if you find that doing so makes you uneasy.
These medications, which include Diazepam, can help provide short-term relief from anxiety. However, they cannot be used continuously because they are addicting.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Inspsych is a premier psychiatric treatment center providing anxiety treatment sevices in Florida that focuses on helping individuals with severe mental health issues. Our major therapy for treating anxiety is cognitive behavioral therapyor CBT. Adults leaving a hospital or acute care facility frequently find that CBT is the best course of action.Through CBT, patients learn how their thoughts, actions, and mood are related, and they get the skills necessary to alter those three components to influence the other two. They might learn, for instance, to identify and change harmful automatic beliefs. Possibilities exist for better mood and behavior with a healthier mental habits.

Our Treatment Program

An evidence-based treatment program is tailored to each client’s specific needs. Dr. Kevin K. Joseph, DNP, PMHNP-BC takes great care to clarify each step of the process so that the client is a fully informed, and actively participating in the healing process. Dr. Kevin K. Joseph DNP, PMHNP-BC utilizes medication in conjunction with education regarding distress-reducing thought and acting habits, mindfulness, relaxation training, self-management skills during anxiety-provoking situations, and realistic practice tasks can all be included in the therapy.

When should I get treatment for anxiety?

You should seek a professional therapist if you see that your worries and anxious thoughts are interfering with your professional and personal life and making it difficult for you to carry out your everyday activities.

Since anxiety is completely treatable and you can recover completely, you don’t have to suffer alone. Every year, Inspsych successfully assists thousands of individuals in overcoming their anxiety and resuming the healthy and rewarding lives they deserve. Our elite group of therapists and psychiatrists is committed to supporting you at every stage of your journey to recovery.

Contact our professional, caring team via phone or email today and take you the first level in changing your life.