Everything you need to know about interpersonal therapy

Strong attachments are a goal of interpersonal therapy (IPT), a type of psychotherapy. According to research, it may be able to lessen the symptoms of several mental health issues.

Many mental health practitioners believed depression was “person-based” when IPT was initially introduced. For example, it was not thought that a person’s surroundings affect their level of depression. On the other hand, I am aware of the significant influence relationships may have on a person’s mental health.

Interpersonal therapy mainly focuses on how our relationships impact us and how other mental health issues may impact those interactions. The treatment has been suggested to treat Depression, AnxietyMood DisordersStress Management, Emotionally-Focused, Christian Counseling, Motivational Therapy, Supportive Therapy, and other topics.

Interpersonal Therapy

How does interpersonal counseling operate?

Interpersonal therapy typically lasts 12 to 16 weeks and comprises once-weekly, one-hour sessions. Depending on the depression’s severity, the sessions may be prolonged for a further four or more weeks.

At the very least, the subsequent eight sessions would be devoted to addressing those issues, learning more about them, searching for modifications you can make, and then implementing them. The therapist might employ a variety of strategies throughout this part of the therapy, including, for example:

  • Clarification is meant to assist you in recognizing and overcoming your own biases when it comes to comprehending and explaining your interpersonal problems.
  • A supportive ear.
  • Play-acting.
  • Analysis of communication.
  • Encouragement of affect is a technique that allows you to experience unsettling or unwelcome feelings and emotions connected to your interpersonal issues in a safe therapy environment. Doing this makes it easier to accept these sentiments and sensations as a regular aspect of your existence.

Therapists in Florida who practice Interpersonal Therapy

The goal of interpersonal therapy (IPT), time-limited psychotherapy, is to lessen the client’s emotional distress by enhancing their interpersonal connections and fortifying their social networks. The therapist assists the patient in making the most of their assets to develop and uphold healthy, meaningful relationships.

In the list below, you may locate Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)-trained therapists in Florida. The Inspsych team has examined each provider for their ability to deliver high-caliber, clinically rigorous care. To identify a good fit, visit their profiles to view an introductory video and schedule a free first call!

Interpersonal Therapy

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The method of therapy used by Dr. Kevin K. Joseph, DNP, PMHNP-BC, is interpersonal. He aggressively involves his patients in continual conversations regarding their experiences with the treatment itself throughout the therapeutic process to maximize the effectiveness of the care.

Dr. Kevin K. Joseph, DNP, PMHNP-BC, has earned clinical expertise as the primary therapist at many addiction treatment facilities in Florida and treating patients in private practice. Additionally, he specializes in offering LGBTQ clients positive counseling.