How does Motivational Therapy Help?

To treat substance use problems, motivational therapy (MT) combines humanistic therapy with improved cognitive-behavioral techniques. It is comparable to both motivational enhancement treatment and motivational interviewing.


Motivational treatment comes in two primary flavors. Motivational enhancement therapy, also known as MET, and motivational interviewing, often known as MI, are the first and second. Even if there are some similarities between these two treatments, there are also distinctions


Process of motivational counseling?

The most effective application of motivational therapy is often as an introduction to other types of therapy. It aids in preparing the groundwork for the additional treatments the individual seeking treatment will experience. Motivational counseling works by assisting patients in discovering their inner motivators for making the adjustments they need in their life.

Many persons with substance use disorders might be aware that they need to alter their behavior. They might even be aware that if they act, their lives will improve. However, they have trouble getting the drive to follow through on making wiser selections

Motivational Therapy

Why should those who struggle with motivation seek therapy?

Motivational Therapy

Many individuals unfamiliar with this form of assistance think that for therapy and counseling to be beneficial, they must be experiencing “mental disease,” primary “psychological difficulties,” or be in crisis. This is a frequent fallacy; therapy may help anybody cope with their issues and concerns, make suitable changes in their lives, and gain a greater understanding of themselves.


You are prepared to seek therapy if you believe you have a desire and a commitment to make adjustments to resolve your present issues and attain more long-term contentment, psychological wellness, and personal fulfillment. We are here to assist you in determining various therapy-related problems that may be bothering you.

How Better I Can Help You

You would be a good candidate for a professional therapist, Dr. Kevin K Joseph, DNP, PMHNP-BC at Inspsych, who also provides online practices, and motivational therapy services in Florida. Consult your health insurance to get started. They might give coverage to assist you in covering the cost of your sessions. If so, you should look for a therapist who cooperates with your insurance provider. However, not having insurance need not be a deterrent. The ability to communicate with your therapist by text message, video conference, or other means is another advantage of using Inspsych. 

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With an emphasis on the client’s personal objectives and motives, motivational interviewing is a person-centered therapy approach that is frequently used to address substance abuse or other behavioral difficulties. A compassionate and accepting environment is created by the therapist as they work with the client to explore their objectives, next steps, and causes for change.

Below, you can find motivational interviewing training with therapists in Florida. The Inspsych team has evaluated each provider to ensure they can deliver high-caliber, clinically rigorous service. Many of the patients who visit Dr. Kevin K. Joseph, DNP, PMHNP-BC seek help for Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders Emotionally Focused, Christian counseling, Interpersonal Therapy, Supportive Therapy, etc.