Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

Jul 15, 2021
Importance Of Mental Health Awareness
What is mental health? According to the world health organization mental health is a condition that defines the abilities of a person that he manages with the usual pressure of survival.

What is mental health?

According to the world health organization mental health is a condition that defines the abilities of a person that he manages with the usual pressure of survival. This also includes who that person contributes his work productively toward his community

In addition, mental health includes who we act, think, feel, relate people and situations, and make chose that determines our emotional psychological and social well being

Poor mental health

If a person finding difficulties in daily work like making the decision, thinking and expressing what he feels, etc. that person possibly going through the poor mental condition.

What are the main causes of mental illness?

In the present world society pressure and people around us contribute a lot that it becomes a reason of mental illness.

  1. Childhood abuse
  2. Neglect
  3. Social isolation
  4. Loneliness
  5. Undergoes discrimination
  6. Social drawback
  7. Serious and long time stress
  8. The pain of losing someone close
  9. unemployment
  10. stigma

Main causes of mental health issues in youth

In youth, multiple societal issues led to mental issues that may take horrible faces like abuse, poverty, and violence that make people vulnerable to mental illness.

Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

What are the signs of mental illness?

A person gets through this condition having many warning symptoms of mental illness

  1. experiencing sadness all the time
  2. confusing personality
  3. excessive fear and worries
  4. guilt of something
  5. space away from friends and family
  6. confusing personality
  7. significant sleeping problem
  8. an extreme change in mood
  9. reduce the ability of thinking

Mental health issues effectuate many mental disorders

If this mental condition lasts without check it may take face terrifying diseases.

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Panic disorder
  4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  5. Bipolar
  6. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  7. Schizophrenia

Why mental health awareness is important in the present world?

Now a day millions of

people suffering from this condition without knowing it make it to the extreme level that is the way it is important that every person should aware of this stressful event that makes everyone able to cope with it. In the present world where every second all experience pressure socially, emotionally, and physically as well all most one in four people suffer from mental pressure. That reduces a person’s abilities. As we all know that awareness is a developmental process so we can climb up probability in people suffering from mental health. These will help engage health promotion and prevent illness actions. as people suffer from this have suicidal thought awareness helps them build a love for life.

Campaigns for mental health awareness

Campaigns should hold at the national and international level for the awareness of people and their families. These campaigns are work like a reminder that how much important is and people who cope with this condition need care and understanding which make an easy path toward hope and healing.

Treatment for mental illness

It’s high time to take care of our mental health by living a healthy lifestyle that will help us to compete with our poor mental condition. Medication can also help full but psychological counseling help best in healing.

Psychological treatment for mental health

Psychological treatment helps people to heal fast and move toward a healthy lifestyle. Following involve in treatment.

1. Going things in which you are good

2. Accepting people and things around you

3. Expressing your feeling

4. Control eating habits

5. Ask for support

6. Take a break for routine work

7. Become social active

8. Exercise and healthy diets can also help

9. Radical acceptance

10. Doing productive works

11. Facing a difficult situation

12. Avoid drug addiction

13. be practical in life